Dave’s Favs.

Cat catching a virtual mouse on an iPad

“Those who’ll play with cats must expect to be scratched.”

~ Miguel de Cervantes

What Are The Best iPad Apps For Cats?

Dave is our cat – Dave is a very modern cat – Dave is a female cat, she is nearly six.

She was born at home and having never left still thinks she is a kitten. Dave likes technology. She watches the tele (favourite programmes include The Amazing World of Gumball, football, and Countryfile). She would dearly love to play Star Wars on the Wii but has the perennial cat problem of having no hands.

So we did a bit of research, and got Dave to participate. Dave tested out some free iPad apps for cats and came up with her top three.

Dave’s Top 3 (Free!) iPad Apps For Cats:

In at number three, and not terribly interesting, is Cat Fishing. Dave thought this was too slow, and you can’t fool her  – how can there be water in a tech device that would fail if it got wet?

Second place went to Chase A Laser. This surprised us somewhat as Dave is very partial to torches and light reflections. She has been known to chase a light round and round and round until she falls over. But it must just be the “real thing” she likes, as she lost interest in this pretty quickly.

The award for the number one favourite iPad for cats went to Cat Toys Lite! She loves this game, so much so that every time we get an iPad out near her she comes nuzzling along asking for her game!

So if you have kitties at home, and you have an iPad, why not treat them to the odd bit of technology gaming and see how they get on?

In the meantime we wish you, and your cats, continued happy and safe computing.

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