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Advice About Windows 10

Windows 10 – What You Need To Know As the initial glitches have been ironed out, we are now recommending that our clients upgrade to Windows 10. It remains free to upgrade to – for now. From the end of July 2016 the free option will expire and you will...
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Fake Facebook Pages

Fake Facebook Pages
The scammers have, unsurprisingly, cashed in on the rise in popularity of social media, and Facebook in particular. You may have heard in September of the couple who were left devastated after finding a “man with a van” via Facebook who subsequently disappeared with all of their belongings. They said:...
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Hard Drive Failure?

hard drive
One of our computers failed recently. It began to act a little strange– so we took a look and sure enough, the hard drive had failed. Hard Drive Failure? The computer in question was less than 2 years old – the data stored on the computer irreplaceable. There were all...
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“Apple” Email Scam

"Apple" scam
There are several reasons that scams work, amongst which is that they play on our vulnerabilities, emotions, and embarrassment. When we get caught out by a scam, be it email, phone, post or even an old fashioned knock on the door, the reaction of the victim is often “I felt...
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