Protecting Your Children Online

Teenage girl chatting on phone
With Christmas packed away for another year and the New Year well and truly ushered in, you’re finally beginning to understand how that new gadget works. You may even have asked your children for some assistance, who then huffed and sighed at the embarrassment but duly showed you how silly...
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Top 10 Christmas Gadgets of 2013

Robot Santa with gadget in shopping trolley
“And so this is Christmas I hope you have fun The near and the dear ones The old and the young” Top 10 Christmas Gadgets of 2013 Another year is almost over and here we are fast approaching Christmas once again. No doubt some of you are organised and have...
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“Attempted Delivery” – Nobody Was Home

Parcel on wooden table
♫ “Tis the season to go shopping, tra la la la la….”♫ And Internet shopping enables you to avoid the crowds and buy from the comfort of your own home AND have all of your parcels delivered right to your door step. We have been bombarded with emails of late,...
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