Are You Wasting Time Waiting For Your Computer

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Should You Put Up With A Slow Computer?

Do you ever wonder how much of your time is spent just waiting? Waiting for the bus or the train? Waiting for the kettle to boil? Waiting for the kids to get ready for school?

And how about waiting for your computer or laptop?

Do you charge an hourly rate? Or do your rates cover a set service? Either way, if your machine is running painfully slow how many hours are you wasting waiting for your computer?

Should you put up with it?

Perhaps you feel constrained by expense – you don’t feel that you have the budget for a new computer. Then again, maybe you don’t actually need a new computer.

Machines slow down for several reasons, not only because they are getting old. Your computer may need a memory upgrade, it may have been hit by a virus, or it may not even be your computer – how super speedy is your internet?

Some of us are old enough to recall dial up internet and computer games that were loaded onto machines from a cassette (a what?) that would take far longer than the time required to make a cuppa. But we no longer have time to be hanging around for our technology; and neither do our customers.

Should you put up with a slow computer?

Let us revisit our earlier question – are you wasting time waiting for your computer? And now let’s pop that into an equation with how much you are charging an hour. We are no longer talking just about time wasting, we’re now talking about losing money.

Can you afford to keep hanging around, waiting for your technology to catch up with you, and your clients, demands?

Should you put up with a slow computer or laptop? No, no you should not.

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