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Saltdean 8 Jan

Have you checked the weather forecast lately? It appears that good old Blighty is once again throwing all it can our way with storm force winds, torrential, incessant rain (or snow if you’re far enough north) and even the possibility of thunder and lightning on the cards.

As a nation we are renowned worldwide for our obsession with the weather – other countries seem to cope with what nature throws as them whilst we come to a standstill with a few centimetres of snow. Perhaps because we have, in official speak, a temperate climate, we don’t take the weather seriously enough to take preventative measures.

We started our new year before we were scheduled to – as an IT support company we are always on call for real emergencies even when we have booked time off. So when one of our business client’s offices suffered a power surge we responded on a weekend.

A power surge can be caused by a number of factors and is nigh on impossible to predict. But there are still measures that you, as a business, can take to ensure that if the inevitable storms affect your business they don’t disrupt you too much.

For starters, have you got an automated backup? Its all well and good saying you have an external hard drive that you back your data up to, but when did you last do a backup? And where is that hard drive stored? If in the same office as all your other equipment it too could become damaged. An automated, encrypted cloud based backup service means that should the worse happen to your offices and all of your equipment is affected you can still access all of your data securely from another machine.

We have hands on experience of salvaging businesses who have been adversely affected by all that the British weather can throw at us, be that lightning strikes, power surges, floods and more – we still firmly believe in implementing preventative measures, so if your business would like to learn more about how you can baton down the hatches for all of your IT equipment please do get in touch.


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