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“Apple” Email Scam

"Apple" scam
There are several reasons that scams work, amongst which is that they play on our vulnerabilities, emotions, and embarrassment. When we get caught out by a scam, be it email, phone, post or even an old fashioned knock on the door, the reaction of the victim is often “I felt...
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Email Invoice Scam – A Nasty Business

Paper Clip
One of the many and varied reasons that the medical practice have yet to find cures for some of our more common illnesses is that they mutate – these pesky viruses have a habit of adapting to anything thrown at them and we are still suffering from those sniffles and...
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Happy Valentines Day: Beware What You Share

Cloud Heart
February 14th, the day of love; the day of sharing; Happy Valentines Day to you all…. Using Valentines Day to share our deepest feelings with those with love is one way of warming up February – unless you are a lover of the winter, we’re all getting a bit sick...
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“Microsoft” Calling

"Microsoft" Telephone Scam
We can’t know for sure exactly when the first scam call was made claiming to be Microsoft on the phone, but it has certainly been around for the past 5 years. And this scam is still doing the rounds and still catches people out. “Good afternoon Mr Smith, I am...
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