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Hard Drive Failure?

hard drive
One of our computers failed recently. It began to act a little strange– so we took a look and sure enough, the hard drive had failed. Hard Drive Failure? The computer in question was less than 2 years old – the data stored on the computer irreplaceable. There were all...
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The Best Computer

Cat looking at computer
What Is The Best Computer To Buy? Buying a new computer can be a costly expense;  whether you are looking at getting a traditional desktop, a laptop or a tablet you need to be sure that you are buying the best computer for your personal or business needs. There is...
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Windows XP: The End Is Nigh

Tombstone with the name BYE
Windows XP: Time To Say Bye If you are using Windows XP, with any luck, you will know that you only have days left before Microsoft ends it’s support. What does this mean for you? To put it into prespective, whilst you will need to do something, your computer will...
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Out With The Old: Windows XP Phased Out

Trash can by water.
Windows XP Phased Out: No More iPad One Support. “Once upon a time, not so very long ago, things were built to last.” We had a conversation with a client recently who is still using the pressure cooker handed down to them; still making steam puddings from something that was...
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My Computer Has Died!

Spanner and screwdriver symbolising broken computer
My Computer Is Dying…. As I sit here all I can hear is the “click, whirr, click” of my computer failing miserably to start up. My computer is dying. Tomorrow I have a social media workshop, need to be there by 9am, fully booked; a room full of people relying...
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