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Feed Me!

It is, perhaps, the most frustrating thing about owning a mobile phone. Of course things are constantly the meantime, what can you to help your mobile phone battery last a little longer?...
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Mobile Security

Could you live without your phone? Would you mind anyone else accessing all of your messages, your emails? Does it really matter if someone else accesses your Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin account and starts posting messages that every single one of your friends/contacts believe is from you?...
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App Attack!

How secure is your mobile phone? When was the last time you downloaded an app? How do you know if that app is safe to download?...
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The Mobile Office

“I learned to take advantage of the mobility that digital provides.” ~Steven Soderbergh For small businesses flexibility is the key to achieving success; and this flexibility won’t come if you are tied to your desk. Communication is happening more and more online, through email, forums and social media. So how...
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Mobile Protection

Where once all you'd hear about phone hacking was that a newspaper had listened into a celebrity's calls and was publishing juicy stories, now hacking can affect everyone who uses a smart need anti-virus on your phone too! ...
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