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Tips and advice on how businesses can best use social media

LinkedIn Company Pages: What You Need To Do Now

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LinkedIn Company Pages: One of the advantages of being a social media manager for a variety of businesses is that you keep abreast of all the latest updates and changes. This week there has been a lot of discussion over on Facebook about the new design, and any of you...
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Internet “Has A Positive Side”

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Is The Internet All Scary And Evil? The Internet is a scary place, full of trolls and bullies and predatory adults waiting to pounce on vulnerable youngsters. Bad news sells – that’s pretty common knowledge especially amongst those in the news industry. And we live in a culture of blame...
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How To Hide Friends On Facebook

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Hiding Friends On Facebook Facebook. Love it loathe it, it’s not going to disappear – well, not in the foreseeable future. There are some mind boggling statistics about Facebook and how many people use it as a social media platform: In less than a year Facebook added 200 million users...
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