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Smart Gadgets From CES 2015 That Caught Our Attention

Robot girl
Do you recall the BBC television programme Tomorrow’s World? It was a must for many families, gathering around the television to see the likes of Raymond Baxter and Maggie Philbin trying to predict, and to demonstrate, the future gadgets we may have in our homes. Sadly, Tomorrow’s World is no...
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Taking A Break From Technology

Relaxing sea shore
Have we become too reliant upon technology? As an IT support firm our very existence depends upon technology, but we are not alone. For any business to survive, reliable and efficient technology is an essential component. It’s something easily taken for granted – you come into work, you turn on...
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What Do We Mean By The Internet Of Things?

What do we mean by the internet of things
The Internet Of Things Some of us can recall the time before the internet, before email and online shopping, when telephones weighed as much as a brick and had to stay put. We largely take online activities for granted now – you can email the office from the train, check...
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#BendGate – Should Our Technology Be Flexible?

bendy laptop
To much hoo-ha and fanfare, the iPhone 6 was unleashed upon the world. And for a time the worldwide coverage was something Apple was proud of – until, that is, the advent of #BendGate Unless you are residing under a rock you will no doubt be aware that, without this...
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