Intuitive Tech?

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How Intuitive Is Modern Technology?

Like or loathe it, if you buy a new Windows desktop or laptop you will almost certainly be entering into the intuitive world of Windows 8.

“in¬∑tu¬∑i¬∑tive: adjective : having the ability to know or understand things without any proof or evidence.”

  • Windows 8 – Microsoft believes it¬†is so simple to use even a¬†child can¬†do it.
  • Windows 8 is intuitive – apparently.
  • Windows 8 is causing people to tear their hair out and run screaming from their desks – almost.

Is Windows 8 Really Intuitive Technology?

As a company we started using¬†Windows 8¬†as soon as it came out – but then that’s because we are an IT Support firm so we need to understand new developments as and when they happen. And some of us agree, it is pretty simple to use; some of us find it a little confusing; and one of us has left the office in tears of frustration.

Can technology, in whatever guise, really be intuitive? Is one person’s intuition the same as another’s? After all, there are differences in age, gender and culture to take into account.

Siri, of course, apparently knows what you want – and Google now have Hummingbird, the new algorithm¬†based on “a more intelligent understanding of search requests¬†that is more capable of understanding concepts and the relationships between them rather than simply words” – allegedly.

Social media sites have also been playing with intuition for some time Рif you are an avid Pinterest user you will be accustomed to the regular emails suggesting boards you may like Рbased, of course, on your Pinning activity. And Twitter regularly offers you up other Tweeters you may like to follow (how often anybody actually acts on these is another question.).

And those store loyalty cards will spew forth a whole load of incentives to buy things you’ve neglected to stock up on recently – based again upon personal information gathered about you. But is that intuition, they “know” you need more coffee? Or is it just (an intuitive¬†way) of getting you to part with more of your hard earned cash?

Intuition implies anticipating needs and wants and acting upon them. Social media sites are at least acting upon personal information whereas an operating system is going out to everyone with the only personal preference being you’ve chosen a Windows or an iOS based device.

For a very long time now, certainly in technological time lines, there has been talk about how computer systems will be as “clever” as human beings; could this ever become a reality¬†considering the fact that “intelligence” means different things to different people and cannot be a objective, universally defined entity? Can technology ever be truly intuitive?



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