“Spetiquette” – Or The Fine Art Of Spamming

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Email Etiquette and The Fine Art Of Spam:

There’s a few good reasons why email has become the preferred way of B2B communication – it’s fast, to the point, and won’t involve all that unnecessary small talk about the weather, the footie results, or how the holidays were.

It is also the most popular and successful way for hackers, viruses, malware et al to get inside your computer systems.

Our inboxes are groaning at the seems, fit to burst with all of the mail that gets sent through every minute of every hour: “free offer”, “bonus prizes”, “loyalty discounts” all available once you’ve filled out the form and included your email address.

There are, of course, some very sophisticated spam filters available, and methods of “teaching” your computer systems what constitutes spam so that less of it ends up sitting in your inbox. But, what about Spetiquette?

Speti what?

You’ve been to a business meeting, you’ve exchanged business cards – surely this opens the door to being available to contact? And so they start – the emails, the newsletters, the special offers available exclusively to you…And as you know the benefits of networking, you’ll be back out there, meeting these people face-to-face on a regular basis. What should you do?

In a constant battle to reduce my inbox down to emails that either really matter, or are of real interest to me, I regularly confine correspondence to my junk folder, or mark as spam, or follow the unsubscribe prompts – “I’m sorry, do you really want to unsubscribe from this email?” Yes! Yes I Do!

But what if I am seeing these email lovers on a regular basis? What if I follow the prompts to unsubscribe and reduce my unwanted mail? Will this sour the business relationship?

Being someone who really tries to listen when I meet people at business events and learn exactly who they are and what their business is about I know exactly whom I should contact if needs arise and who I can refer on. If I am totally honest, I never read your email newsletters anyway – if you stop adding me to your mailing lists and databases as soon as my business card lands in your hand then I won’t have to add Spetiquette to my list of worries.

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