Happy Valentines Day: Beware What You Share

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February 14th, the day of love; the day of sharing; Happy Valentines Day to you all….

Using Valentines Day to share our deepest feelings with those with love is one way of warming up February – unless you are a lover of the winter, we’re all getting a bit sick of the cold by now, and are looking forward to a bit if spring sunshine.

So is it a coincidence then that in the week of love a researcher who has studied password securuty for 15 years decided to publish 10 million usernames and passwords collected from data breaches over the last decade? He’s just sharing right?

It was, of course, not done in the name of love, but in the name of education. Online security is something that we should all be concerned with: it’s your repsonisibilty to keep yourself protected and should you become the victim of online fraud you will have less recourse to compensation if you haven’t taken any security measures.

Beware What You Share:

And yet, for the sake of an easy life, we continue to share – we use the same passwords to access all of our online sites – once your Facebook page has been breached, it’s well worth the hacker trying to log in to your bank account, your credit card login is likely to be the same, your Ebay and Paypal accounts etc…

It may be a right pain having to have a different log in for every single website you need to access as the majority now require password authentification, but if you don’t it’s like having the same key to open your front door, your car, your office, your safe, your jewellery box, your parent’s house, and any other door you need to lock.

So by all means go out and share your love this February 14th – just don’t share your logins across the web….


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