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Windows 10 – What You Need To Know

As the initial glitches have been ironed out, we are now recommending that our clients upgrade to Windows 10. It remains free to upgrade to – for now.

From the end of July 2016 the free option will expire and you will need to pay for the upgrade. Whilst the price hasn’t been definitely set, we are of the belief that you are looking at a cost of roughly £150. In addition, we are not sure whether upgrades after this date will be an automated procedure or will require you installing manually.

Why You Should Upgrade To Windows 10

• It is the latest and most secure OS (Operating System)

• It is the OS getting the most development

• 3rd party software is being written first for Windows 10

• For fans of Windows 7 it looks more like what you are used to

• Business applications have now caught up

• We have been using it for 10 months ourselves with no issues

• Support for Windows 7 will end at some point

A Word Of Warning!

There are still post Windows 7 configurations that will need doing, and some Windows 10 installs haven’t completed correctly, both of which can cause you some issues. That being said, 95% of upgrades have been successful.

We recommend that you upgrade your systems at a non critical time; i.e. if you’re not going to need to use your computer the next day.

Alternatively, we can professionally upgrade your systems for you.

For businesses we strongly advise that you employ a controlled roll out; again we can manage this process for you thereby minimising any downtime for your company.

Either way, we are here to support and advise you on your Windows 10 upgrade.

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