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Like many of you my career formed itself rather than was meticulously planned. I wanted to be a Physiotherapist but that was not to be as they did not teach physics in the girl’s part of my school only in the boys.  (Discrimination, I hear you shout, but that was in the sixties).

However, we had a fantastic maths and accounts teacher.  I wasn’t particularly good at algebra and factors but was top of the class for accounts.  My career was set and I became an accountant which thus lead onto tax and where I am at the moment; The VAT Lady.  The path was not particularly rocky and I was mostly in my comfort zone.

Then, I was advised that to grow my business and let people know about me and what I did I would have to network, send out blogs, Tweet, go on Facebook, Linked-in.  So I decided to read up about it.   I was reading the words and looking at pictures on line and in books,  but I needed to have it explained to me. .  I felt a complete numpty!  This is a different language to tax.  I needed someone to explain it to me, show me what to do.  I was definitely out of my comfort zone.

At a networking event I found my saviour, she showed me what to do in words that I understood.  My kind of teaching for people out of their comfort zone.

If you are out of your comfort zone over taxes, seek someone to explain it to you and not make you feel like a complete numpty.

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