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Makeovers usually don’t go down equally well with everyone. Microsoft’s 2007 makeover of Word felt for many of us like a makeover-gone-wrong. It seemed a little heavy on the botox, inhibiting our ability to express ourselves because we couldn’t find the commands in the now ‘muddled’ menu.  Around the world thousands of hours were wasted on locating ‘hidden’ commands that weren’t where they were expected to be.

As a web writer and editor Word was, and is, my main work tool.  I felt cheated. I’d spent years becoming as expert in Word as possible, mastering many of the lesser-used features that can save huge amounts of time. And now I’d have to re-discover things. But thank heavens the shortcuts hadn’t changed.

Save yourself with shortcuts

Key combination shortcuts can save you a huge amount of time in Word. They can also buy you some immunity to the interface redesigns of your favourite programs. Some shortcuts have dropped out of use over the years in Word, but for the most part they’ve remained constant.

Here are 10 common and 10 slightly lesser known but very useful Word shortcuts (plus a bonus shortcut!) that will help you speed up your use of Word:

  1. CTRL +O – opens a document
  2. CTRL+N – creates a new document
  3. CTRL +S – saves the document
  4. CTRL +W –  closes the document
  5. CTRL+P – prints the document
  6. CTRL +C – copy whatever is highlighted
  7. CTRL +V – paste whatever was copied
  8. CTRL +Z – undo the last action
  9. CTRL +Y – redo the last action
  10. CTRL +Shift+A – highlights everything in the document
  11. CTRL +Shift+R – align the text right
  12. CTRL +Shift+L – align the text left
  13. CTRL +Shift+E – centre the text
  14. CTRL +Shift+C – copy the formatting of the highlighted text
  15. CTRL +Shift+V – paste the copied formatting onto the highlighted text
  16. Shift+F3 – change the format of the highlighted letters – from ALL UPPER CASE, to all lower case, to Initial Case
  17. CTRL+Shift+> – makes highlighted text bigger
  18. CTRL+Shift+< – makes highlighted text smaller
  19. CTRL+spacebar – clears the formatting of any highlighted text
  20. CTRL+Shift+N – formats any highlighted text as normal text
  21. ALT+CTRL+1 – format the highlighted text as heading 1

Dolphin Computer Upgrades offers training in Word if you want to hone your skills even more.

You can find out more information about Core Copywriting on their web site, and  on Twitter.

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