“Why We Love LiveDrive”

We are honoured to have Bainbridge Lewis Accountants provide this weeks guest blog post.



As a firm of accountants our IT systems are vitally important and when we set up our business one of the first things we focussed on was how to protect our data. We decided to use Livedrive back-up system as this automates the back-up process and required no input from us. We choose also choose Livedrive as it was cost effective (only £40 a year) and secure.

After running for a year we hit the problem that our data was stored on two separate laptops and we were having to e-mails documents between us. We didn’t want to invest in a server as it seemed a bit over the top and expensive for our needs. We also tried things liked Googledocs but found that it wasn’t that easy to use. In the end we decided to upgrade our Livedrive to the briefcase option as this meant as well as the back-up we also got a shared drive.

We have been using Livedrive briefcase for over 3 months now and I wish we had done it sooner as it has made our lives so much easier. Below are the benefits of using the system (and I can’t actually think of any downsides):

1.       Easy to use – You use the briefcase as you would a USB drive and save your documents into the Livedrive. It then syncs online and the documents can be accessed on all the computers.

2.       Automatic online backup – The software is constantly backing up your data not only on the Livedrive but also on any other parts of the computer you tell it to back up. This requires no input from you and you simply go online to retrieve the documents if the worst should happen (I once accidently deleted a folder and found it easy to retrieve my data).

3.       Easy access from anywhere – If I have my laptop with me I can work from anywhere and access all the data held on the Livedrive. This allows me to work from home as effectively as if I was in the office. Even if I don’t have my laptop I can also use a web portal to access my data.

4.       Cost effective – The briefcase costs us £70 plus VAT a year and that is regardless of the number of computers the software is installed on. This is an amazing price when you weigh it up against the costs of having a server.

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