“Attempted Delivery” – Nobody Was Home

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♫ “Tis the season to go shopping, tra la la la la….”♫

And Internet shopping enables you to avoid the crowds and buy from the comfort of your own home AND have all of your parcels delivered right to your door step.

We have been bombarded with emails of late, letting us know that, “we attempted to deliver your item” but that, “the delivery attempt failed because nobody was home”.

What’s worse is that we have a time limit on getting this parcel into our hands: “If the parcel is not scheduled for redelivery or picked up within 72 hours, it will be returned to the sender”

We can’t risk that – otherwise we may not get the Christmas presents we ordered in time! But it’s ok, because within the email there is an attachment which if we open will tell us what we need to do.

Except it won’t.

We don’t recommend that in any instance you open the attachment but we do have clients who have fallen foul of this seasonal scam.

Once you open the attachment there is either nothing there or a whole bunch of nonsense. What you have done is to accept delivery of something far more sinister – malicious content.

This type of email scam is more prevalent at this time of year when the scammers know we are all likely to be awaiting deliveries. Please don’t fall victim to it – but if you have inadvertently opened an unwanted attachment, don’t then hope it will go away. Letting in a virus is one thing, not dealing with it and allowing it to roam freely on your computer could do more damage to you than a nightmare before Christmas.




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