Who Knows That You’re Not At Home? Burglars Use Social Media Too

Mother and daughter smiling from the family car windows

“Can’t believe Mum and Dad managed to squeeze the whole family AND the dog into the car for our Christmas Vacation with Nana!”

A seemingly innocuous update on a Facebook page, an update on Instagram or Twitter, telling their friends they are off with the entire family for the Christmas holidays – dog included.

Which means what? It means that your house is empty.

Scary headlines such as, “Most burglars using Facebook and Twitter to target victims” aren’t one off horror stories. Families are being watched online to ascertain when they will be out.

Posting on Facebook that you and the family are off on your Christmas vacation, checking in to places online, sharing the fabulous photo of you all out at the Christmas party, or Tweeting that the shops are so busy, you’ve no idea how long before you get home all effectively alert the rest of the world to the fact that your house is empty.

A recent survey by Legal and General produced some alarming results: 84% of 18-35 year olds share information about where they are and what they are doing on social media sites, and 56% said yes, they would be sharing their Christmas plans, their parties, dinners and vacations, online; but more than a third of them have absolutely no privacy settings in place.

By telling the world where you are you are effectively opening your front door for anyone to come in, have a root around, and take what they like.

You need to be aware not just of what you are posting online, but also what all the other members of your household are telling the world; because who knows who could be reading those updates.

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