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More than a million computers have been targetted by major cyber crime organisation thought to have been led by Evgeniy Bogachev from Russia.

ISP (Internet Service Providers) are busy setting about contacting those they suspect to have been affected – but that’s an awful lot of people they need to get in touch with.

So have you been affected?

If you have a good security system set up on your computer then you are relatively safe – but even the best security can be bypassed by human error.

The most common means of unleashing a virus onto your systems is through a user (i.e. real life person) activating it on the network, and there are three main ways this is done.

Three Most Common Ways Viruses Get In

Email Attachment: Whilst some emails are very obviously fraudulent, a lot of these bad boys are getting very good at sending out emails that look genuine. As we shop more online we fall foul more often to emails saying that they are from UPS or Fedex and that we have missed our delivery and we need to open the attachment to rearrange the drop off. You should always check with the sender before opening an attachment, even if the email appears to be from a friend or relative.

Direct Download: Downloading software online without being sure of where the programs have originated from can be a risky business. We have had clients who have downloaded programs from websites that they were convinced were legitimate but that then unleashed all sorts of nasties onto their systems. There are sites that you can trust and if you need help accessing online software please get in touch.

Dodgy Websites: You know the type, those associated with gambling or other activities restricted to the over 18s – clicking on one of these could take you into a never ending spiral of pop ups and let in viruses, malware and spyware.

If you are in doubt about opening an email or a webpage and you have a portable iOS device, try it on that first. iPhones and iPads are locked down and will only run applications through the app store which for the time being will leave your device unable to activate unwanted programs and no damage will be caused.

If you suspect that you have downloaded something that is dodgy don’t ignore it – it won’t go away on its own.



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