What Is The Biggest Risk To Computer Security

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The news is full of stories about cyber security – how Governments are snooping on people through their own computers; how hackers are worming their ways into your inbox and through your social media to steal your identity; how app makers are jumping on the latest news headlines to fool you into downloading malware….do you take any notice?

What do we need to do to protect ourselves?

What is the biggest threat to our security, that is almost universal whether it be your PC, your Mac, your smart phone, your tablet, your email…..? What is the biggest risk to computer security?

You are.

The most common form of security breach is through human error, human apathy, or human ignorance.

There is a (relatively) new phrase being bandied about – that of Computer Security Apathy. With so many articles about hackers, cyber attacks and spam it appears that people are just switching off to the very real threats out there. Couple this with the “it won’t happen to me” attitude and the reliance on free antivirus software, and you are laying yourself open to security breaches.

Ignorance overlaps with apathy – we had someone tell us recently that whilst they had inadvertently let hackers into their computer after receiving a very convincing telephone call telling them that their computer had viruses, they weren’t worried as, “these hackers are just mucking about aren’t they” – are they?

Banks and financial institutions are no longer accepting ignorance as a mitigating circumstance if you have let hackers access your computers – we have had to provide several clients with letters stating that yes, our client does have a decent paid for security software package installed on their computer before the bank will pay compensation.

Whilst we continue to use social networks to tell the world that we are not in our homes or our places of work; whilst we don’t bother having any or more than one password to access our computers and websites; whilst we don’t bother having any form of paid for security or automated encrypted backups on our systems we as individuals and as businesses are the weakest link in computer security.



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