Hard Drive Failure?

hard drive

One of our computers failed recently. It began to act a little strange– so we took a look and sure enough, the hard drive had failed.

Hard Drive Failure?

The computer in question was less than 2 years old – the data stored on the computer irreplaceable. There were all the contact details of our clients, there were documents and images, information that if lost would not only cause a major inconvenience to ourselves, but also a lot of damage to our relationships with our customers.

Sure enough, the data had gone – irretrievable – the entire hard drive had wiped itself clean.

Now, being an IT company, we had backups. Not one, not two, but three different types of backup. Whereas losing data can be difficult, inconvenient or embarrassing, it is inexcusable for a computer company to lose its own data.

Out of those three backups, two failed.

We were able to retrieve all of the data from the third backup, a new machine was purchased and set up so that, in essence, you wouldn’t know that you were working on anything different.

We take great care of our computers, and yet there was a failure. Computers can fail at any stage, often with little or no warning. We cannot afford to lose our own data – but how about you? Your data is always your own responsibility – can you afford to lose everything that is stored on your computer?

Backups are like insurance – you hope that you will never need them but they are there in case you do. They are inexpensive safety nets to ensure that should anything happen to your computer you will still have access to everything that you have stored on it.

If you would like help or advice on ensuring your data is backed up, please do get in touch with us.

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