Mobile Security

“Only the insecure strive for security.”

~ Wayne Dyer

Mobile Phone Security

Is Your Smart Phone Secure?

Do they? Are we scaremongering when we talk about security? Are we just being paranoid about our phones? Are we?

Could you live without your phone? Would you mind anyone else accessing all of your messages, your emails? Does it really matter if someone else accesses your Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin account and starts posting messages that every single one of your friends/contacts believe is from you?

Now we’re just being plain silly aren’t we – this will never happen to you or your phone – will it?

How about just doing a few simple things that will help make your phone a little more secure?

Top 8 Security Tips For Your Mobile Phone Security:

1. Lock It: apply a password, or a lock code, or a pin number. Even if this won’t keep the more au fait hackers out, it could stop your kids accessing your work emails.

2. Hide It: don’t leave your phone on display in your car, or on the pub table, or sticking up out of your bag.

3. Update It: make sure all the relevant software is kept up to date – if there are any security glitches, any upgrades should have the latest “patches” to keep you safe.

4. Turn It Off: leaving your Bluetooth on all the time leaves you vulnerable to “Blue-jacking”, and accessing public wi fi can open you up to nearby hackers.

5. App It: one of the most “popular” ways of attacking a phone is through downloading a malicious app – make sure you know its safe before adding it to your phone.

6. Shield It: as with a computer, you should have an anti virus on your phone to shield it from malware, viruses, scareware and worms. A good one will include a tracking and wipe out device.

7. Save It: phones are mini computers, so you need to treat it as one, which means keeping a backup of all your important information.

8. Reg It: should the worst happen and your phone gets stolen, if you’ve registered with and the police find it, they can return it to you.

None of this will give you a 100% guarantee of total security, but it will help give you a little “insurance”. If you would like any further advice on this, or any other IT/security related issues then please do get in touch.

In the meantime we wish you, as always, continued happy and safe computing.

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