My Computer Has Died!

Spanner and screwdriver symbolising broken computer

My Computer Is Dying….

As I sit here all I can hear is the “click, whirr, click” of my computer failing miserably to start up.

My computer is dying.

Tomorrow I have a social media workshop, need to be there by 9am, fully booked; a room full of people relying on me. All of my notes, my glorious Power Point slides, all composed on my desktop.

Click, whirr, click…

I have three blog posts required for clients in the next couple of days.

Click, whirr, click…

I have several email campaigns needing to be sent out.

Click, whirr, click…

Yes, I do know a very good IT support firm, but all of those who know how are out looking after people more important than me….click, whirr, click…

So just how many people am I going to let down because my desktop is slowly dying?

Actually, none. Zero. Not one single client.

Everything I have done, all my notes, all of my presentations, all of my client’s information, I have stored, encrypted, on a cloud based backup system. Yep, as I sit here listening to click, whirr, click, I can still access everything I need for tomorrow.

So nothing for it then, but to pour a glass of something lovely.

How about you? If your computer died, right now, how many people would you let down?



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