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Most laptop’s these days are well designed and fairly strong, at least the casing is – but  laptop screens are renowned for being very fragile. Knocks, bumps, pressure and more can result in anything from little cracks to completely shattering. Whilst most screens can be replaced, prevention is always better than cure, and a little bit of care can go a long way.

So please read on for

Dolphin’s Top 10 Laptop Screen Care Tips:

  1. Do Not Touch: Never touch your screen with your finger, or worse, another pointy object! If you need to draw attention to something on the screen we advise using your mouse/cursor or to point from far enough away to make sure no contact is made.
  2. Clean With Care: You should be very careful how you clean your screen and whatyou use to clean it with. Our advice is to use screen wipes specifically made for the purpose of cleaning laptop and computer screens, and to use minimum pressure. DO NOT USE GLASS CLEANER!
  3. Shut Safely: Once you’ve finished using your computer, close the lid gently from the middle. If you close the lid by using just one side or the other you will put pressure on the hinges which over time will cause fatigue and could result in them snapping or bending out of shape.
  4. Shut Up: As mentioned above, once you’ve finished using your  laptop, do remember to close the lid. We know sometimes when you shut down you’ll get the message, “DO not unplug your computer etc, etc – installing update 1 of 26”, but remember to go back to your laptop and close the lid gently once it’s finished doing it’s thing.
  5. Close Carefully: Yes, more advice on the simple action of lid closing – double check you haven’t left anything on the keyboard as this could scratch or otherwise damage the screen when closed; for example, your mouse cable, a pen, that uneaten biscuit….
  6. Lift With Caution: No, not because it’s heavy; part of the reason laptops are so popular is because they are so portable – but if you need to move your laptop whilst you’re still working never lift it by the screen. Instead, lift and carry the base, the area where the keyboard is.
  7. No Pressure: We’re sure you keep a tidy desk (?), but once you’ve followed the above instructions about lid closure (who knew it involved so much?), make sure you don’t place anything heavy on top. The odd piece of paper yes; books or other heavier items no.
  8. Beautiful Bags: There are some wonderful laptop bags out there sold in some gorgeous fashion outlets – but you do have to combine style with functionality here. Your laptop bag must be large enough to contain your laptop, but not so big that is has no protection. Screens can easily shatter by being bumped or dropped.
  9. Plug Perils: And talking of bags, look at where you will be storing your power cable and plug – quite apart from the bumps and knocks, many a screen has been shattered because the plug has put pressure on the laptop whilst stored in a bag and placed the wrong way up!
  10. Never Work With: children or animals. Remember when you were small, the over-riding temptation to  touch when faced with “Wet Paint”? And the need to hit, and bash, and physically express yourself? And hairs – dogs shed them, and so do cats, guinea pigs and other fluffy beasts. Laptops can get nice and warm, and if you don’t notice your poor little moggy or pooch, then they may well come between you and your screen.

So there you have it – 10 ways you can look after your laptop screen for longer. If you would like more tips on laptop care then please click here. We wish you, as always, continued happy and safe computing.

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