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“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells.”

~ Dr Seuss
I Like kittens

What does “liking” kittens say about you?

Can Your Facebook Likes Predict Your Personality?

Oxford and Cambridge – two of the world’s oldest and most respected universities – so what they say must be correct, right?

A recent study by Cambridge University, published in the journal PNAS, suggested that what you “like” on Facebook can predict not just your personality but also your sexuality, political leanings and even intelligence.

It’s Cambridge, it’s published, it must be right.

Well probably – who am I to argue with such a thorough study or question such algorithms?

However, what I “like” on Facebook doesn’t necessarily reflect what I do genuinely like.

For example:

  • This week I have received an email from a member of one of my networking groups asking me to “like” their company page.
  • There are several group discussions over on Linkedin where people are requesting and offering reciprocal “likes”.
  • On Facebook itself there is the option to send out a request to all of your contacts to “like” your business pages.
Do I really like all of these companies? Am I genuinely interested in their updates? Does this reflect my personality, my sexuality, my political leanings and my intelligence?

On the other hand, maybe they are right, and all of my likes do reflect something about my personality and character – maybe it shows that I understand the importance of being polite and of social media etiquette.

What do you think though – yes you, who may not be a researcher from Cambridge but who does “like” things over on Facebook – do you really like everything that you like?

By Lorelei Gibb who doesn’t like everything that she likes.

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