Kindle Etiquette

“You cannot open a book without learning something.”

~ Confucius

Kindle Etiquette

What Are You Reading?

So there we were, sat on the plane, for over two hours, “parked” at the airport, and waiting for an engineer to be found to come and “fix” the plane. Doesn’t really inspire confidence….

The pilot announces, “Ladies and Gentleman, the engineer has told us we need to power down the plane so the lights will go out briefly“. This apparently fixes the plane.

CTRL, ALT, DEL: it’s not just your home computer that works after a “power cycle” then…..

Whilst sitting there, being superbly British and patient, I peeked through to the seat in front to glance at what the woman was reading on her Kindle. It looked right up my street – my Spanish is very basic but this book I could understand and thought it would be ideal for me to practice my Spanish and learn a bit more….but how could I find out what the book was?

Once upon a time when we all sat on planes, trains and buses reading paper books, it was still not polite to read over someone’s shoulder (I know, I’m bad), but at least if you did you stood a chance of ascertaining what the book was from the cover. How could I, in my clipped Spanish, ask the lady in front what she was reading on her Kindle as it looked perfect for me? I couldn’t.

Whilst technology enables us to do so many more things, does the rise of digital print actually mean fewer books will be shared? Had the lady been reading a “real” book, I would have been able to note what it was by its cover, or other clues on the pages, and then go and buy my own copy whilst out here in Spain. As it is, I’ll never know….

By Lorelei Gibb

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