Fake Facebook Pages

Fake Facebook Pages

The scammers have, unsurprisingly, cashed in on the rise in popularity of social media, and Facebook in particular.

You may have heard in September of the couple who were left devastated after finding a “man with a van” via Facebook who subsequently disappeared with all of their belongings. They said:

He was recommended to us via a friend on Facebook and we checked out his page because he had a removal site and all the reviews were brilliant, five star, there were approximately 30 to 40 reviews.”

These days we go online to find the services that we need. And as Facebook garners more and more users so this social media site is becoming a search engine in its own right.

So how do you know if a Facebook Page is genuine or not?

As with all scams, they can be difficult to spot. The above example had an image of the man, was recommended and had reviews. The mistake made here was to look no further than Facebook.

If you are going to employ a business, even if they have been recommended to you by someone else, check them out in as many places as you can. Do they have a website? If not, do they have a physical address? A telephone number or email address alone is not worthy of your trust. If they do have an address check it out online. If they have a company name, check it out online. And whilst reviews of genuine companies can be of use remember that anyone can make up a handful of reviews and upload them.

We don’t like to spread mistrust but it is always better to take some time and do your research before handing over your money – a reputable company will have more than just a Facebook page and some glowing reviews.

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