Protecting Your Children Online

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With Christmas packed away for another year and the New Year well and truly ushered in, you’re finally beginning to understand how that new gadget works. You may even have asked your children for some assistance, who then huffed and sighed at the embarrassment but duly showed you how silly you were being.

If this was the year that you conceded and finally gave in to letting your child have their own phone, laptop or tablet, are you now a little concerned about protecting your children online?

How To Keep Your Children Safe Online

Cyber bullying is very much alive and kicking; unlike face-to-face bullying, the online bullies aren’t left behind in the playground, or on the bus. They can now follow your children home, right back into the sanctuary of their bedroom.

So how do we protect our children if they have access to the internet? Long gone are the days of the family PC in the communal room, we can get online pretty much wherever and whenever.

Without a doubt, the most important thing that you do for your children is to educate them: teach them not to share sensitive photos of themselves; make them aware of privacy settings and controls; help them to see that what they say online can be used against them; let them know that it is ok to say no. Keeping the communication channels open allows you to monitor their behaviour and for them to be open with you should any problems arise.

In addition there are practical measures that you take, Routers can be set up to allow different levels of internet access for different devices and can include time limits.

And there are software security packages that help children stay safe online. We have been trialling Bullguard’s social media protection package that gives you background parental controls for their Facebook accounts. You aren’t looking in at all of their posts and messages, but you do get alerts if there is anything potentially harmful such as links, photos, messages or tags.

We are passionate about computer security, protection and education, so if you need any further help, assistance or information please do get in touch.

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