Skype Your GP

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Skype Your GP?

How are you feeling today? Not very well? If so, did you feel even worse after calling your Doctor’s surgery? Did you get an automated reply along the lines of, “We’re sorry, but all of our lines are busy right now – please try again later”? By the time you do get through you discover there are no more appointments that day, or that there are only appointments left that would mean you need to take time off work, or the kids out of school? The NHS is bursting at the seams – A&E departments can’t cope, the NHS Direct helpline passed away, to be replaced by the 111 helpline that just doesn’t, well, help. And getting an appointment with your Doctor at a time that suits you is about as likely as winning the lottery. Solution?

Skype Your GP!

Yes, rather than hanging about in a surgery waiting room for hours picking up bonus illnesses, why not wait in the comfort of your own home and then have a consultation over your laptop or iPad? This is one of the Government’s latest ideas for modernising the NHS, to help people to get an appointment to see their GP at a time that fits in with their work and family life. Will it work though? It would certainly suit a lot of poorly people if they didn’t have to haul themselves out of bed and up to their GP’s surgery; but will it mean that you get the appointment time you require? How will this ease congestion if we are still limited by the ratio of ill people to available doctors? Not everyone will be comfortable using online video calls, especially when used to discuss such sensitive and personal issues. And not everybody has the technology in place even if they do think this is great idea. Skype your GP? Let’s wait and see…..

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