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Blogging Services For Small Businesses:

Blogging has come a long way since its origins – no longer solely a personal online diary, a blog has become essential to a business’s online presence, digital marketing strategy and ongoing SEO.

A blog is the lynch pin for your social media, the hub where online updates come back to, increasing your click through rates on your website. For your company to remain consistently found online you need to have your website regularly updated. A static website will be of no interest to search engines and if you leave it standing still you will slowly be relegated down the pages of search results into oblivion.

Why Should You Have A Business Blog?

One of the easiest ways to stop your SEO going stale is to ensure that you have a blog page that is regularly updated with interesting topics that keep both people and the search engines coming back to your site.

Sounds simple enough right?

But by “regular” we mean a minimum of every week – yes, every single week, 52 weeks of the year. Have you got the time to do this? Do you have the inspiration for a new subject 52 times a year? Do you have the time to write a post, source an image, optimise the page, and share the blog on all of your social media sites?

A website that has a blog page that hasn’t been updated for several months not only reflects badly on a company, (can’t they be bothered? Don’t they have anything to say?) it will also leave that web site slipping out of view.

Dolphin offers business blogging to a wide range of small businesses, including sales, business networking groups and technology based industries.  They will write regular updates for you, either sourcing all of the information themselves, or tying in with campaigns that you are already planning. They can provide legitimate images with full copyright, and will optimise all posts for SEO purposes. They can then share on your social media platforms, or you can update yourself.

Blogging is an essential element of your over all digital marketing plans – if you would like help with your business blog then please do get in touch.

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