Computer Repairs

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Computer Repair Services:

If your computer has gone wrong, where can you get it repaired?

Computers can go wrong for a whole host of reasons – you may have inadvertently downloaded a virus, or your hard drive may have failed; you may require new components, or your screen may be cracked; your computer may have got “stuck” – either you can’t get it to start up, or it won’t shut down; whatever the problem is, Dolphin can come to you and if need be take your computer or laptop to our workshop, get it repaired and then return it to you.

Dolphin are experienced in all types of computer repairs so whatever your problem they will be able to provide a solution. They repair Windows machines and Macs, laptops, tablets and smart phones, so if your technology is in need of some T.L.C and you want a quick turnaround, please get in touch.


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