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Keeping records of your  activities is a necessary part of running a small business. In some instances it is a legal requirement, but even if that is not applicable to you, having access to information can help you run a smooth and efficient company.

Keeping a  trail of all that you do can very quickly leave you swamped under a deluge of paper work. If your business is expanding into new, larger premises because you are increasing your profits then that’s great – but if you are having to consider moving, or budgeting  for storage because of an information over load you are creating an unnecessary business expense.

Having a mountain of paper work means that document retrieval can be a daunting task – where is the file you need? Or the Invoice from that awkward customer ? Or the notes from that meeting last July?

Your solution? 

Data Archiving.

By using Dolphin’s data archiving services you will get rid of the unnecessary storage expenses for housing your paper mountain; you will no longer need to hunt around for a relevant file but will be able to retrieve it within seconds without leaving your desk.

Dolphin will convert  your paper files into an electronic format giving you access to all of the information that you require on your own computer systems.

If you would like any further information on how data archiving and electronic storage could help your business then please get in touch with us.

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