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Do you need a backup on your home computer?

Having a decent backup system for your computer is comparable to having an insurance policy – it’s there in case something should go wrong – so do you really need to do backups?

Do you have any of the following stored on your computer?

□ Photographs of friends, family, holidays, special occasions etc?


□ Emails, including addresses and archived files?


□ Documents, accounts, information about your job/studies?


□ Bookmarked web pages?


□ Anything else that you cannot easily replace?

If you can answer “yes” to any of the above and you do not have a decent backup system in place on your computer and/or your laptop, you could be risking losing the lot!

Computers and their components can be replaced; programs and operating systems can be reloaded; but


There are two main types of backup; external, whereby your data is stored separately from your computer, and internal, with everything saved on your own system. Both can work in conjunction with each other and provide protection against computer failures and theft. Ideally you should use both procedures, but it is still better to have one of these in place than nothing at all.

Our Internal backup solution will not only backup your files, but it will also back up your whole operating system, drivers and settings. It provides you with a pain free solution if something should go wrong!

The system is also automated, which means that you never have to remember to backup your system again.

In principal the backup system takes an image of the computer each day and stores the information on an additional hard drive. This means that if you have a problem with your system, or a virus, or you just make a mistake, then we / you can recover the system to the previous day’s state within an hour, with all the data and settings intact. This process is cheaper than reloading the system and you ensure that you keep the most up to date information secure.

The cost for your setup starts at £99

Weigh up the cost of installing the backup system against losing all of your data, or reinstalling your entire computer setup, not just in terms of data loss, but also for the downtime involved.

We also recommend that you supplement this system with an External backup.

An external backup also covers you for theft, fire and user error. The external live backup will back up files only to a remote secure server through your internet connection, ensuring that you always have an up to date file backup. The cost of this per year is £25 + VAT.

By having both of these systems in place, you have cover for all eventualities and can rest assured that your data is secure.

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