Disaster Recovery Planning

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Disaster Recovery Planning For Small Businesses:

Does your business have measures in place so that, in the event of a disaster, everybody would know what to do and how to go about it?

  • Can your business survive without the use of your computers?
  • Can you still function without access to the internet, emails, or the files that you have stored on your laptop?
  • What impression would it make on potential and current clients if your website was unavailable?
  • How would you communicate with suppliers, customers, colleagues if your telephone systems went down?

Why every business needs disaster recovery planning 

It is a common myth that only large businesses require a disaster recovery plan – the “it won’t happen to me” school of thought could leave your business stranded with no way of communicating to others.

Hardware fails; even brand-new-out-of-the-box hardware can fail. Data can get “lost”. Hackers are very imaginative and are particularly interested in small businesses with little or no security measures in place. And lightning does strike, floods do occur, “acts of God” happen even to those who don’t believe.

A disaster recovery plan will ensure that should the worst happen to you and your business, you have the resources to get up and running again with minimum downtime and expenditure.

Dolphin will work closely with your organisation to develop a unique disaster support solution that will ensure that your data, hardware, networks and communication channels are recovered quickly and efficiently should any form of failure occur. They have extensive experience and knowledge of cloud computing solutions giving you secure access to all of your data even if your computer systems fail.

By consulting Dolphin Computers you will be provided with the latest security options to safe guard against potential threats, as well as solutions for data backup and retrieval.  

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