Game Console Repairs

Blue game console controller

Games Console Repairs:

Computer games and gaming consoles may be more of a leisure activity (although not everybody would agree with this…), but they are none the less expensive pieces of technology – and as with other computer systems they can go wrong.

Replacing a games console is a costly, and sometimes necessary expense if there is a repair solution. Dolphin can advise on whether a console is worth repairing and can offer solutions for such damage as:

  • Cracked or smashed screens
  • Battery failures
  • Faulty Hard drives
  • Water Damage

Games consoles and other devices that Dolphin can assist with repairing include:

  • PlayStation
  • XBox
  • Wii
  • iPods, iPads and iPhones

If you love gaming but are frustrated with the performance of your games machine get in touch to see whether a repair to your current system is possible and an economical solution.


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