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Online Security:

If you access the internet, you need internet security and protection. Any device that can access the web is vulnerable to attack – yes, that does include Macs and smart phones.

Leaving your computer open leaves you easily accessible to viruses, malware, ransomwear, and hackers. At best this may cause annoyance – your laptop runs a little slower or you get pop ups where you don’t want them. At worst it could leave your bank accounts emptied and your identity stolen and used by somebody else.

There are some financial institutions that now insist that you have a decent and a reputable internet security program installed on your computers that is regularly updated – if you don’t and you are hacked you may have no recourse to claim any financial losses back.

Dolphin Computer’s are proud resellers of Bullguard Internet Security. Bullguard gives you premium protection for up to three devices registered at the same address for one price and can be installed remotely meaning that you don’t have to have a technician come and install at your home or office. It has also won the coveted Which? Magazine “Best Buy” award.

Can you afford to risk not having internet security?


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