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What is an IP Camera System?

An IP Camera is a form of CCTV or security camera that gives you the ability to see live pictures of your business or home where ever you happen to be, anywhere in the world.

IP stands for Internet Protocol, enabling the cameras to attach to a computer network either through a wired or a wireless network connection. You may already have this in your home through an Internet Service Provider such as Virgin Media or Sky or alternatively through an independent Service Provider.

These cameras run independently from any computer system and attach themselves to a Router/Broadband Connection that would provide an e-mail and video feed picture that can then be transmitted to a Multi- Media Enabled or smart mobile phone, laptop or personal computer.
Why use IP Cameras?

IP cameras are rapidly becoming more cost effective than traditional cameras, and they also have the advantage of being installed without the need for any further cabling.

As broadband is reaching more homes and businesses, most will have routers that are efficient enough to run IP CCTV cameras on their network. These cameras don’t rely on any equipment in your premises to record events, as they have the ability to email or record images or pictures off site, triggered through live stream video pictures or motion detection or both.
With the right cameras, it is also possible to provide a connection through a mobile 3G network, so you can also use this as a backup if your internet system fails. In theory, a camera can be installed anywhere you choose as long as mains power is available.
Consequently, should you have a fire, flood or theft, it doesn’t matter what equipment is damaged, stolen or lost because the evidence is held away from your premises.

The purchase of an IP CCTV camera system is a one off cost once installed. There are no service charges for the cameras, although you will need to continue paying any broadband costs, email fees or web space costs to your current Internet Service Provider where they apply, or set up the service with an ISP (Internet Service Provider) to make the system work if not already installed.

What is required to run an IP Camera?
All that is required to run a system is power and a broadband connection administered by a router. The cameras can then be configured to stream live video images, record live images to a web server or computer or, to email images based on motion alert detection. Sound can also be provided if required.
Cameras can be accessed and controlled from any location using your own secure login password.
How you look at the data being transmitted or stored is down to you. You can get motion alerts sent to your smartphone, iPhone, Windows Mobile or through webmail, email, Microsoft Outlook. You can watch through your cameras by securely logging onto your computer through a control panel or in fact any computer that is attached to a network, iPod, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry Mobile Phone or Windows Mobile Platform or at an internet café. Or you could use the cameras recordings to check on past events either through your web server or computer. The system is so flexible that almost any configuration is possible to suit your own personal requirements.

An IP Camera system is perfect for people with pets. Have you thought about installing an intruder alarm or security system, but haven’t because pets would set the system off? As with digital cameras, all images from the IP cameras turn into data. Therefore they can produce as many alerts and recordings as you like, there is unlimited renewable space for this data either stored locally on your computer or externally on a web server. Alarms won’t sound, but your property is still protected through live video streamed recordings.

The Basics
All IP cameras require mains power and will need to be configured onto your network and thereafter the router needs to be told where to send the data. This is done through what is known as an IP address. All networked systems have an IP address assigned, so all you need to decide is how and what will you use to receive and view the data being seen by the IP cameras.

A free on site survey to assess your installation requirements and costs is offered to all potential clients, or the products offered can be purchased through Dolphin and couriered to you for self installation.

To find out more about IP Security cameras or to book your free onsite assessment, please get in touch.

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