iPhone, iPod & iPad Repair

Smashed iPhone screen

iPad, iPhone & iPod Repairs:

Whether you rely on your iPad or iPhone for personal or for work reasons, being without it can leave you stranded.

iPhones, iPods and iPads are not cheap pieces of equipment. Having spent your money on one of these you need it to work.

A shattered screen, or casing, or the sound having gone, makes your iPhone or iPad practically unusable. Dolphin have skilled technicians who can replace broken components and get your iPad, iPod or iPhone looking as good as new once again.

Whether you have accidently dropped your device or it has suffered some other mishap, Dolphin will endeavour to pick up your device and get it repaired over night for you* meaning you’re without your iPad/iPhone for a minimum amount of time.

Get in touch now if you need to get yourself up and running again as quickly as possible!

*applies to Brighton & Hove area – for other areas please get in touch to see how quickly we can get your device repaired.

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