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Social Media Management For Businesses:

Businesses are now expected to have a comprehensive online presence, which includes having active social media accounts. Social media is not an isolated aspect of your digital marketing campaign; it plays an integral part in your overall marketing plan and your website’s SEO.

Anyone can add Facebook posts, or Tweets, or update their Google+ account right?

Why would you outsource your social media?

Social media marketing has to reflect your overall professional image – it is not about posting images of your lunch, it is about demonstrating your skills to a (potentially) huge audience – you cannot afford to “get it wrong”.

And it takes time – time to source the information that you need to share, time to update all of your sites: your Facebook business page, your Twitter account, your G+ business page, Linkedin business page, Pinterest account, You Tube, and not forgetting the essential lynch pin that holds all your accounts together; your blog page.

Audiences are different on each social media platform and you need to tailor your business messages accordingly. And you need to be consistent and be able to react if your company is mentioned or messaged. A blog post needs to be updated on a regular basis, not with sales messages, but with information that is relevant to the services or products that you provide in a way that will make your audience want to come back to your site again and again.

Dolphin have comprehensive experience of managing social media accounts for a wide variety of businesses, including B2B service companies, financial providers, and business associations. They begin by gaining a thorough understanding of your business culture and ethos and then manage your online presence so closely to your own organisation that all updates and blog posts appear to be written by yourself.

You can no longer afford to ignore social media, but if you just don’t have the time to manage this as well as running your own company then please get in touch to learn more about how Dolphin can provide you with a consistent, professional, online brand.

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