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PAT Testing For Small Businesses:

All business owners must ensure that electrical products used in the workplace should not pose a safety risk to those that use them.

In short, this means that employers and landlords a like must ensure that all electrical work equipment is safe, suitable for purpose and properly maintained in good order.

This responsibility under the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 and other legislation extends to anything with a mains plug, from electrical kettles and cleaning equipment to PCs and photocopiers.

To help you comply with these requirements Dolphin provide professional electrical checks, inspection and testing services on all portable appliances. Dolphin have extensive experience in provision of PAT testing to a wide range of businesses in the Sussex area and throughout the south east of England, both large and small.

Why Use A Computer Support Firm For PAT Testing?

Dolphin Computer Upgrades began offering PAT testing as a direct result of being called into small businesses to help restore their computer systems; PAT testing companies are very good at what they do, but often do not understand the implication and direct effect they can have on a companies IT systems and networks.

If you require your business to comply with regulations and be fully PAT tested, but you cannot afford downtime for your computer systems, then Dolphin provide your solution.

All of their engineers are fully trained and qualified giving you peace of mind that the PAT test will be completed to a professional standard. To meet the requirements of a diversity of customers, all of Dolphin’s technicians and engineers are also CRB checked.

Importantly, it is widely accepted that in the event of a prosecution arising from a workplace injury relating to a portable appliance, the employer’s case is greatly assisted if they can produce accurate test records to indicate that reasonable actions had been taken to comply with the regulations.

Dolphin Computer’s PAT Testing service will help you meet this requirement.


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