Remote Working

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Working Remotely:

With the rise in popularity of cloud computing and the increase in availability of internet access, remote working is an option for many small businesses.

Remote working ensures that you are no longer tied to one location, one office, desk or PC, but have the flexibility to work from anywhere that you can get online and from any internet enabled device.

You can now work from your home office, or from you work vehicle, or from the café where you are having your business meeting; and so can your colleagues and employees.

Dolphin can provide you with the necessary equipment for remote working: they will advise, supply and configure the most suitable online devices, the most efficient cloud services and, perhaps most importantly, the security measures that you, your colleagues and your employees need to have in place to ensure that you can work safely and securely wherever you are.

If you need to be working whilst away from your main desk then please get in touch and see how easy it is to work remotely.

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