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SEO Services For Small Businesses:

Having a web site is essential for pretty much any business. Having a website that looks great shows a certain degree of professionalism. Having a site that is easy to use and navigate will stop people getting frustrated with you.

But none of this is any use if people can’t find you online!

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation – SEO means enabling your website to be found when anyone is searching for the services or the products that your company provides.

When you need something, where do you look? Do you have a huge paper directory sitting in your office that you flick through to find, say a plumber? Even if you use word of mouth to find out about the best dentist or solicitor in your area rather than Googling it, the chances are you will then go online to check out that company further.

You need to think about exactly what people are searching for online – we would certainly hope that if you type your own business name into a search engine that your own website comes up first. But what if someone has yet to hear of you? If you are a photographer for example, what might people be tapping into Google or Bing to find your company? Give it go – think about the top three services or products that you provide and try searching online without your company name. And try it not on your own computer, but someone else’s – same results?

Dolphin can assist in all areas of SEO – from your current or your new website, through to your blog and your social media, as well as advising you on offline SEO to ensure that your entire business brand is both easy to find and is consistent in its message.

Please get in touch if you would like further help in getting your website higher up in search engine rankings.

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