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Telecom Solutions For Businesses:

Businesses communicate across a whole range of platforms including email and social media. But you still cannot operate a successful business without a professional telephone system.

There will always be a need to physically talk, be it to customers, colleagues, business partners or suppliers and telephone systems remain a vital part of the communication process.

Dolphin has experience in providing bespoke telephone systems that are tailored directly to your organisations budgets and unique requirements, in a range of options from the most simple to the more complex solution.

In addition to sourcing and supplying the correct equipment, Dolphin can install the lines for you, provide line migration (saving you money on your existing contract), and offer after sales support.

Features your business may be looking for in a telephone system:

  • Wireless Solutions
  • Door phone/Door entry Systems
  • Uniform Call Distribution
  • Call Forwarding Options
  • Conference Facilities
  • Paging Systems and Fax Connections
  • Calling Activity Reports
  • Call Restrictions

Telephones Lines, Broadband & Call Packages:

Telecoms solutions for both businesses and home users:

If you have had enough of having to deal with large corporations, hanging on the end of the line listening to music you’d never ordinarily chose, then Dolphin can provide you with an alternative for your telephone an broadband services.

Dolphin Computers offer you broadband and telephone packages to suit your home requirements. They organise everything for you from start to finish and beyond – instead of trying to communicate with a call centre based who knows where on the globe, you can deal directly with Dolphin.

Dolphin can provide all of the above and more; for further information and help with creating the correct telephone package for your company, please get in touch.

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