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Web Design For Small Businesses:

Your website is your online shop window. It needs to reflect the professionalism of your company, be easy to find and simple to use and understand. The days of picking up a paper directory to search for the services you require are almost extinct – if you want anyone to find what you are offering you have to have a decent, fully optimised website.

Dolphin understand that whilst your website needs to look great, it also needs to reflect your company and tie in all of your branding, both online and offsite. You need a website that tells both potential clients and new customers exactly how you can help them.

Web design does not just encompass the “look” of your site – if your site is stunning aesthetically but your text, your copy, isn’t up to scratch you will have failed.

And you need it fully optimised and hosted on a secure platform.

Dolphin can provide you with a great design, engaging copy, secure hosting and fully SEO’d website. Whether you want an upgrade on your existing site or a brand new web presence; whether you need to be in control and do all of your own updates or whether you don’t have the time for this and need someone else to manage this for you; whatever your web design requirements, Dolphin will provide the solutions.

Please get in touch if you would like further clarification, to book an assessment of your current site, or to discuss your options further.

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