“That Thing” – Procrastination

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It has finally happened – after an indeterminate amount of time I got around to doing “that thing”.

Procrastination affects most of us – not, of course, those on-the-ball, well organised, successful super humans who just crack on and deal with life (you know who you are) but for the majority of us mere mortals, there is usually something that we are putting off.

My most recent “thing” wasn’t a business “thing” – I am far more disciplined professionally than I am personally. My “thing” was a phone call, a phone call that I had to make, a phone call that I had put off, and put off, and put off.

There were very good reasons for not making the call – there was the fact that I didn’t yet have the correct paperwork that I was bound to need to reference during the conversation. (We need to put aside the fact that I had also delayed going out and getting said paperwork, that’s a different “thing”.)

Then there was the matter of the opening hours – what if it wasn’t convenient? And today wouldn’t work for me anyway, looks like next week will be quieter, maybe try and call then…

And so on…..putting off that thing that couldn’t be put off forever because it had to be dealt with.

So I did it. On a busy day, regardless of opening hours, without the paperwork. And did I get eaten alive by zombies? Did the four horsemen of the apocalypse stampede into my office? Was there an earthquake and I got swallowed alive?

Doing my “thing”, that which I had put off for weeks and weeks and weeks wasn’t as bad as I had thought – in fact, it wasn’t bad at all – it was relatively easy and left me feeling both relieved and proud. My phone call had necessitated me conversing in Spanish on a topic other than beer and I had succeeded!

I don’t know the cost to British business of procrastination , the negative ROI, the over riding KPI (Key Procrastination Indicators) but I am sure someone, somewhere could measure it – maybe tomorrow….

What I do know is that it will be a very rare occassion (I’m thinking on a par with crocks of gold being found at a rainbow’s end) when doing “that thing” will be worse than not doing it. If you break down the real reasons why you are putting something off they will become insignificant and surmountable – so go on, up you get, leave this page and go and do your thing…..

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