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Whilst social media marketing is not all about the numbers, one of the most commonly asked questions is “how do I get more followers?”.

There is, of course, the option to go out and buy followers and likes and probably +1s but whilst this may help your company in the bragging about who is most popular stakes it will do nothing to push your overall marketing plan forwards.

5 Ways To Get More Followers:

1: Show & Tell: Let’s start with the basics – if nobody knows that you have a company Twitter account or Facebook page they are unlikely to engage with you there. Let those around you know, ask in person, add an email signature with your social media links and pop some social stickers on your website.

2: Be Consistent: It reflects badly upon you if you have gone to the trouble of adding your social media links to your website and then when somebody clicks through they find your last update was 2011 – once you take the plunge you need to keep going; and not in a sporadic, haphazard way, but with regular updates. Those who do follow you will become accustomed to your updates and if you are using social media correctly will begin to look our for your posts.

3: Don’t Cut Corners: You have different audiences on different platforms – those who have liked your Facebook page will be expecting different content to those who are following your company pages on LinkedIn – tailor your messages to your audience rather than lazily post the same messages on all platforms at the same time.

4: Engage: If somebody has taken the time to retweet one of your posts, thank them. If you have a comment on your latest Facebook update, respond to them. The clue here is “social”; by engaging in conversations you will appear as more than just a corporate account, and as a company who cares about their customers enough to listen to and engage with them.

5: Provide A Reason: Why would I want to follow you on Twitter? What’s in it for me to like your Facebook page? I know what’s in it for you as a company but it’s not actually about you – it’s about your followers. What are they after from your line of business? Is it tips and advice? Is it the latest industry news? Is it a special offer or discount or is just pictures of puppies and kittens? Once you think in terms of what your audience wants from you rather than using social media to broadcast how wonderful you are, you should begin to see results.

The real secret to being successful on social media is not to treat it as a marketing gimmick but as a platform to demonstrate that you are an approachable, “human” company with your clients’ interests driving the heart and soul of your business.

We should probably follow our own advice now, so you’ll find us on Twitter as @SirenS0 and @dcultd, our company Facebook page, business G+ page, company LinkedIn page.





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