Social Media ROI: The Best Measurement

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How Do You Measure Your Social Media Success?

Whether you just use one platform, or whether you have embraced digital marketing as a whole, for any business using social media to showcase their brand online there has to be some kind of measurement.

The simplest way of measuring whether you’re getting somewhere would appear to be how many followers you have; or likes; or fans. But seen on its own this is a pretty meaningless metric. After all, there’s nothing stopping you going out and buying Facebook fans or Twitter followers. If you insist on seeing these numbers as meaningful you need to ask how many of your fans are “liking” your posts, RTing your updates, or clicking though to your blog.

Another way of gaging whether what you’re doing is worthwhile is to set up your analytics to check how many times your website has been viewed via your social media accounts. This is a useful way of tracking which platform is driving most traffic back to your website and if you are concentrating your marketing efforts on SEO will help you refine your online content.

There are a whole host of measuring tools: Facebook and Twitter both have their “in-house” analytics, LinkedIn allows you to see how many people have checked out your updates, and Google+ will proudly update your company pages “views”. There are also third party options to analyse all of your online efforts and put the results into fancy looking reports and charts.

Data Data Everywhere.

We live in the Big Data Era. You can dig out statistics on all sorts of wonderful things. But what do you then do with this data? Are we drowning in sea of data….? What do we then do with our elaborate reports and beautiful looking charts?

Most digital marketing firms, social media management companies and SEO exports will provide you with tailor made stats on how you’re doing online – but there is one metric that outweighs any other – one piece of information that blows all of the Big Data sky high – one thing that matters above all else to businesses no matter what their marketing strategy involves. And it isn’t how many likes, fans, followers, RTs or clicks you’re getting.

Less than three weeks into the working year three of my clients, three completely different professions, market sectors linked only by the fact that they are employing my company to manage their digital marketing, have reported back that they have received new clients directly through their digital marketing.

Surely this is what matters most with your online marketing campaigns? Getting those cash registers to ring, increasing your client base, and making more sales. Yes social media is about a lot of other things, but we are all in business to make money.






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