3 Linkedin Lamentations

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3 Common LinkedIn Mistakes

Linkedin is a very useful tool to use in your overall networking and marketing plan. It’s pretty straight forward to create an account and then to launch yourself into the fray. But that doesn’t negate the fact that there are certain “cultural” rules that are very important, and certain types of behaviour are frowned upon.

Three Common Mistakes People Make On Linkedin:

1. Beware Strangers – “Mrs H has indicated that you are a friend”….am I your friend? Really? Have we met? When you want to connect with someone on Linkedin, how much effort are you putting in? Go and look at your contacts – down the right hand side you see how many “friends”, “group members”, “partners”, “colleagues”, and “classmates” you have. I have no qualms in connecting with you if you are my friend, but if I’ve never met you? It smacks of laziness, it’s so simple to click the “friend” link when trying to connect with someone, but I will never accept an invitation to connect if that person has indicated I am a friend and they are, in fact, a complete stranger.

2. Tweet, tweet, tweet…: There’s a reason that there is more than one social network out there – do I want to see all of your tweets on Linkedin? No – if I want to see what you have to “tweet” I will go over to Twitter. On Linkedin I want to see if you’ve updated your experience, or your skills, or to whom you have connected, or what comments you’ve left on the groups you belong to. Yes it is essential that you have a presence on twitter, and that you include the link to your Twitter profile on your Linkedin profile, but then leave it as that. If I find you interesting I will go over to Twitter and connect with you there too.

3. Multiple Narcissism: you’ve written a fantastic blog! You’re running a once in a life time, cannot miss event! You have a promotion so special nobody should miss out on it! So you’re going to share it – not just as your status update, but also as a new discussion in every single group that you belong to! If I happen to share groups with you, as is more than likely as we are “connected” on Linkedin, I can now see your self promotion everywhere I look. Maybe, just maybe this is excusable if it really is a one off, but if you regularly self promote without it actually giving any benefit to other Linkedin members then you’re going to annoy people pretty quickly – and no business wants to be known as “annoying”!

Perhaps there are more gripes that you have with the way in which people use Linkedin – if so then I look forward to hearing your recommendations. In the meantime I wish you, as always, continued happy and safe computing.

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3 Responses to "3 Linkedin Lamentations"

  1. Gail says:

    Some really good advice and funny that all the things that irritate me about LinkedIn are the things you mention here, especially the self promotion!.

    Just about to switch off my twitter feed though, thanks for the advice.

  2. Peter Lilley says:

    Absolutely agree with you on points 1 and 3. Not so sure I agree about point 2. Make no mistake, I find it ridicuous people who appear to tweet every moment of the day and seem to feel they can’t do anything without letting the world know about it. Having said that, I find it quite useful to see the tweets of my friends/connections all in one place rather than having to seek them out individually. It’s annoying though if one of those friends is the sort who tweets relentlessly. My general advice would be that people should tweet much more sparingly.

    • siren says:

      Thank you for your comments Peter. I think it is the “relentless” tweeting that annoys me the most – there is the option to only add certain tweets to your Linkedin page and by being selective you can have the best of both worlds.