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How To Get Your Blog Post Shared Online

With the meteoric rise of Pinterest came renewed discussion around images. Once upon a time, “It’s not what you look like, it’s what’s inside that counts” rang true; now if you are engaged in any form of online marketing image is everything.

Well, not everything. What’s inside does still count – in fact since Google keeps changing its mind about what constitutes “proper” SEO and is leaning further towards Content Is King, what you write, the “inside” bit, is more important than ever. Great ideas, badly composed, will be lost not only on Google but by any potential voyeurs on all social media platforms.

But it is no longer enough to have great copy – the Facebook timeline is all geared up towards images, and Google+ has embraced the visual from the start. Even dear old Twitter upgraded its timeline to enrich the visual experience of users.

Do Images Help Your SEO?

And here is the crux of this post – as a company we manage social media accounts for businesses who don’t have the time (or, shhh, don’t tell, the inclination!) to engage online. This requires us to hungrily scour the web for great articles and blog posts that we can use for our clients.

And we would love to share your blog post – it has all the fantastic content so pertinent to one of our clients – posting a link from their Facebook or Google+ page to your website will mean fantastic exposure and endorsement of your company (we have some great clients!), BUT WE CAN’T IF THERE’S NO PICTURE!

We cannot put a link out on Facebook, Pinterest or G+ if you haven’t added a great image – if we do it reflects badly on our client. Pictures on Facebook have always meant a higher click through rate – and Pinterest is proving how much we all love a great picture.

So the next time that you write a fantastic, share-worthy blog, make sure that you put the same time and effort into sourcing an image (that you are legally allowed to use) and you may just find yourself being the talk of the Twitterverse.


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